ECE 107

ECE 107 Electromagnetism (undergraduate level) focuses on fundamental electromagnetic theory and covers basics of Maxwell’s equations, electro/magneto-statics, electrodynamics, transmission lines, plane waves, interfaces, and basics of radiation. The instructor is Prof. Vitaliy Lomakin.

ECE 182

ECE 182 Electromagnetic Optics, Guided-wave and Fiber Optics (senior level) covers the electromagnetic theory applied to optics, polarization and crystal optics, guided wave optics, fiber optics of step and graded index fibers, as well as resonator optics or planar and curved mirror resonators. Students in this course also have experimental laboratory to practically implement the theoretical knowledge obtained in the class. The instructor is Prof. Vitaliy Lomakin and the lab technician is Peter Ilinykh.

ECE 222b

ECE 222b Applied Electromagnetic Theory - Electromagnetics is Graduate-level introductory course on electromagnetic theory with applications. Topics covered include Maxwell’s equations, plane waves in free space and in the presence of interfaces, polarization, fields in metallic and dielectric waveguides including surface waves; fields in metallic cavities, Green’s functions, electromagnetic field radiation and scattering.

ECE 222c

ECE 222C Applied Electromagnetic Theory - Computational Methods for Electromagnetics (graduate level) covers major computational techniques for numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields, including the finite difference time/frequency domain methods, method of moments, and finite element method. The instructor is Prof. Lomakin.

ECE 280

ECE Special Topics - Analytical Methods in Electromagnetics (graduate level) covers spectral expansions, high-frequency approximations, asymptotic methods, and theory of periodic structures with applications to antennas, filters, propagation, and metamaterials. The instructor is Prof. Lomakin.